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Alternative science.The valid position of principle of scientific outlook, outside of traditional program knowledge, with use of philosophical scientific base of perception of the World in popular terminology. Considered disciplines: Philosophy, mathematics, the nuclear physics, numerical genetics, chemistry, astronomy.Philosophy, astronomy: the Author assumes development of the Universe in the course of "cold" expansion of global Hydrogen. The given process is caused as a result of falling of number of a charge of atomic Hydrogen.Mathematics, philosophy: Between “ ?” and “e”. Accepting time for expression, e = 2,718281829, we have an opportunity to use it as the relation of number of a charge to mass number.The nuclear physics: Disclosing of values ? and e, from the point of view of philosophy, has defined possibility for the mathematical analysis of communication of these constants. The received structure of numerical model completely will be coordinated with known physical and chemical sizes. On the basis of it defect of mass number and effect of Myossbauerovsky kernels have been opened.Numerical genetics, chemistry: Work which opens nuclear functions of chemical elements. The software database is based on essentially new table of chemical elements. Disclosing of structure of the valid mass numbers of elementary particles is defined by functions of interaction of the basic genetic symbols. Renewed and alternative energy sources. Participation in scientific projects with use by a unique database of program and technical maintenance.The worker, the master, the designer, the technologist, the engineer, the director, the author of the project, the experimenter, the developer, the researcher, the founder of an alternative science. Patents.