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Adam is a born entrepreneur. As CEO and Founder of Adam Capital, Adam specializes in bridging the financing gaps for distributed scale solar developers. Over the past 3 years, the company has funded hundreds of projects and provided over $30 million in loans to build clean energy projects around the country. He is a recognized leader in the field of renewable energy finance. Growing up in San Francisco, Adam’s passion for the environment along with his unique ability to think big and inspire others was imparted by his lifelong mentor & grandmother Connie Boucher, the iconic founder and CEO of Determined Productions Inc., a $100 million dollar family-owned full-service character licensing and merchandising company with offices worldwide. In addition to pioneering character licensing, Determined Productions was also a pioneer in cause-related marketing in the 1980’s with partners including the World Wildlife Fund and Rain Forest Action Network. That pioneering spirit continues in Adam’s work today as CEO of Adam Capital and helped shape his vision for success: The bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity. He has specialized in collateralized lending since 2003. It was during this time, getting calls from old friends deeply engaged in solar installations, that Adam saw the challenge: an acute lack of financing options. Investing his own money in 2007, Adam Capital was born. The company has funded over 1200 solar projects across 3 states in an effort to capitalize on the enormous clean energy opportunity in the US. “I believe there is no need to take on excessive risk to solve our energy challenges and create win-win-win situations. I get up in the morning knowing I am doing something meaningful for my children, my investors and our future.”