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I basically grew up in California for about 3 years as a tot and Kansas from 7 to 15 because the old man was an Army officer (Fort Leavenworth). I'm a 'Heinz 57' with French, Spanish, German and a little Sicilian ancestry (not necessarily in that order ). In the sunflower/jayhawker state it gets so hot the trees run after the dogs! A lot of chiggers in the summer too but outside of a tornado here and there that came through Fort Leavenworth and ripped a few 4 foot diameter oak trees out of the ground like loose match sticks near our quarters, I had a good time growing up. However, I was raised to think war and killing was just great and a good job for any man. In the Viet Nam war, I joined the Air National Guard and was trained as an Intelligence Operations Specialist/Photo Interpreter at Lowry AFB, Colorado. I learned how to figure out how many megatons of nuclear weapons were needed to kill a few million Vietnamese and was so stupid I didn't bat an eye considering the horror on mankind of what I would have unleashed if asked. We live and learn. I am a frugal, reclusive individual living with my wife in Colchester, Vermont in a manufactured home of 70' x 14' on a quarter acre rented land since the year 2000. We just have flowers, no garden, because the soil is questionable as to toxicity.I was president of the student council in High School, then went on to be a West Point cadet for a little less than a year in 1964-65. After deliberately failing in my favorite subject (math - analytic geometry and calculus) I became a commercial pilot, flight instructor, flew for an air taxi, became chief pilot, then got fired for organizing a union. Without a job I was able to obtain a small 3M franchise( Solar Control reflective flim application business).I served as an Intelligence Operations Specialist/Photo Interpreter AFSC (Air Force Specialty Codes) in the Air National Guard during the Viet Nam War.As to college education, I obtained quite a bit of it in separate installments in widely varying subject matter: 2 years pre-engineering, two years business administration, 6 months FAA computer programming and systems analysis, and 3 years pre-med towards a BS with a major in biology.My main work experience is 20 years as an Air Traffic Controller/ Data Systems Analyst (towards the end). I've flown and taught in ultralight aircraft after retirement..I have no degree as most of my higher education occurred to further my career in the FAA. The 'I want to be a doctor' period was interrupted by an ugly divorce. I am now happily married with a good women I met years later.Making money has always been secondary. My motto as to money is "Frugality is Freedom!" (of course some people might say I'm cheap!). You will see that I like to post items of interest and wonder as well as a little outrage and lots of truth about our endangered biosphere too. I also publish many screeds on energy. I am filled with awe at this universe that God created and wish to do my part to do His will for the sacred trust we self aware beings have that is the biosphere. I don't go to any church because organized religion is filled with greedballs these days. I am a Christian and do my best to treat my fellow humans as I want to be treated.