Radiance Solar & Cox Enterprises Complete Solar Hot Water Installation

Radiance Solar LLC announced the completion of one of Georgia's largest solar thermal hot water installations at Cox Enterprises' Manheim Georgia facility. The system will supply hot water to Manheim Georgia's auto detail operation, offsetting more than 300 million BTUs of energy per year with renewable solar energy.

The system has a life expectancy of more than 25 years and will reduce annual energy costs and environmental impact by more than 50 percent. The solar installation consists of forty 4'x10' solar thermal collectors and 2,000 gallons of solar hot water storage.

"Cox Enterprises was great to work with throughout the development, design and installation," said Jamie Porges, Radiance Solar's founder and COO. "It's great to work with partners like Cox who are forward-thinking in their approach to sustainability and understand the long-term financial benefits awarded by renewable solar energy."

This project follows the recent completion of Cox's 10,000-square-foot photovoltaic rooftop solar panel installation at its Manheim DRIVE facility in Stockbridge, Geogia.

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