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UK uses record amount of wind power in August

Last week, RenewableUK announced that a new record was set a when wind power generated 60% of Britain’s electricity in the early hours of the day due to high winds from storm Francis.

National Grid ESO confirmed that at 1:30pm, on Wednesday August 26, wind met 59.9% (14.2GW) of total power demand (23.7GW) in the country. The remaining power mix at that time was made up of gas (18.8%), nuclear (15%), biomass (3,1%), imports (2.5%) and hydro/others (0.7%).

This new record surpasses the previous highest share for wind (59.1%) set recently on Saturday, August 22. The UK currently has wind energy capacity of 24GW – 10.4-GW offshore and 13.6-GW onshore – and last year provided 20% of UK power. Rapid growth is expected this decade, with offshore wind alone is expected to meet over a third of the UK’s power needs, by 2030.

Ahead of the company’s upcoming auction of contracts to secure new renewable generation capacity next year, RenewableUK has stated that a high level of ambition could deliver new investment of £20bn ($26.4bn USD) and possibly support 12,000 jobs in the UK.

RenewableUK’s Director of Strategic Communications Luke Clark, commented, “Renewables are breaking records faster than anyone expected, and this new wind record is a clear signal of the future of our energy system. We need to see a huge increase in low carbon power to meet the UK’s net zero target and if we can ramp up low-cost renewables in the short term, that will boost our economic recovery and speed up the switch to low carbon heating, electric vehicle and investment in new technologies like green hydrogen”.