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City of Charlotte to receive power from 35-MW solar project

Solar Farm
Credit: American Public Power Association on Unsplash

The City of Charlotte is the first municipality to take advantage of Duke Energy’s GSA program and is teaming up with Carolina Solar Energy and Ecoplexus to build a 35-MW solar farm.

The green source advantage (GSA) program allows large customers to offset power purchases by securing renewable energy from projects connected to the Duke Energy grid. The customer may keep the renewable energy certificates (RECs) from the projects and use the energy purchased to satisfy sustainability or carbon-free goals.

Under the 20-year PPA, Duke Energy will secure power from the 35-MW project. The City of Charlotte will use it to offset a portion of the energy supplied to its municipal operations with renewable energy. 

The city and the solar developer agreed on the project costs; therefore, Duke Energy customers will not pay for any part of the project. The farm is expected to be fully operational in 2022.

In 2015, Duke Energy’s pilot program for GSA- the Green Source Rider- had major companies, including Google, participate.

Overall, 600 MW of renewable energy capacity is available under the Green Source Advantage for large Duke Energy customers in North Carolina.

Stephen De May, Duke Energy’s North Carolina president added, “We designed the program to be flexible and allow larger users to negotiate directly with third-party developers. It supports our customers’ goal and expands renewable energy in North Carolina.”