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[email protected] on Solar PV: What Will and Won’t Happen as a Result of the Solar Tariffs

Jenn Runyon, Chief Editor of Renewable Energy World and Paula Mints, Chief Market Research Analyst with SPV Market Research discuss three hot topics in the global solar industry for three minutes each. 

Today the focus is completely on the solar tariffs, approved by President Trump on Monday January 22. We’ll discuss what we know will happen now that the U.S. will be adding tariffs to imported solar modules and we’ll discuss what won’t happen as a result of these tariffs. What will pricing look like at the end of 2017? Will the solar industry crash and burn? Watch and find out.

[Programming note – because we shot this while Jenn is at Distrubutech, we didn’t have our usual equipment so Paula’s audio is a little echoed – we urge you to listen anyway because we think the content is valuable.]

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