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Dyson To Take on Tesla with its Own Electric Vehicle

On September 26, 2017, in a letter to employees that was released on Twitter, James Dyson, founder of the company that created the famous vacuum and hand-dryers found in many airport bathrooms across the globe, announced that the company has set its sights on the electric vehicle (EV) market and plans to release a new car by 2020.

The letter said Dyson has a 400-person team working on the project and that the company will invest £2B [US $2.67B] on the endeavor.

Commenting on the report, Matthew Trevaskis, Head of Electric Vehicles at the UK Renewable Energy Association pointed out that Dyson’s news could be a “major opportunity for UK firms” including those that haven’t been working in the auto industry. Trevaskis also called for the UK government to incentivize EV manufacturers by developing a comprehensive strategy to build out charging infrastructure.

“Any EV charging strategy should include the introduction of smart tariffs, three-phase power supply into new homes, ubiquitous access to charging where we live, work and play, and the incorporation of renewable power and energy storage systems to reduce grid stress,” he said.

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Editor’s note: As the owner of a Dyson electric vacuum, I must admit that I’ve been impressed with the power and longevity of the battery for the vacuum. I look forward to reporting about the introduction of this new vehicle to the market. Perhaps a home battery will be next. – JR