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Nova Scotian Waste-to-Energy Firm Wins $2.6 Million in Funding for Demo Facility

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) recently said that it will invest CAN$2.6 million for the construction of a “waste-to-bio-pellets” facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Sustane Technologies will build the demonstration facility.

According to SDTC, which is a clean-tech investment arm of the Canadian government, the facility will turn solid waste from landfills into fuels that burn cleaner than fossil fuels.

“Sustane’s first-of-its-kind technology converts waste into useful products like synthetic diesel and recycled metal and plastic, potentially eliminating the need for landfills. This Nova Scotia–based company’s technology has applications around the world, and SDTC is proud to be its partner,” Leah Lawrence, president and CEO, SDTC, said in a statement.

Sustane Technologies previously announced that it has a contract with Nova Scotian utility Emera to use the biomass pellets as fuel for a power plant in Brooklyn, N.S. 

“Landfilling society’s waste generates copious greenhouse gasses and fugitive leachates,” Peter Vinall, president, Sustane Technologies, said. “It sequesters high-value urban land and is just plain wasteful; however, this is still the default solution worldwide. Sustane’s new recycling process recovers 90% of landfilled materials and transforms them into valuable low carbon biofuels and recyclables.” 

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