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Zehnder Announces the New ComfoAir 70 Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit

Homes are being more tightly built than ever to prevent air leakage and promote energy efficiency. High humidity levels can encourage mold growth, and indoor pollutant levels are commonly two to five times higher than outdoors, compromising health. The new Zehnder ComfoAir 70 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) offers a balanced ventilation solution for new and existing apartments and homes and is now available in North American.


The compact ComfoAir 70 ventilation unit is mounted inside the home on an exterior wall and both exhausts and supplies air into the home. Its quiet operation and tidy appearance have made it popular with homeowners and tenants alike in Europe since it was released two years ago.


“Air quality is always a big issue, especially when living in a town or city,” says Norbert Wesely, North American Product Development Manager for Zehnder America. “There are many fumes and fine particles in the air that can be harmful. The ComfoAir 70 provides an affordable, energy efficient, and simple solution for continuous ventilation.”


The ComfoAir 70 ERV system was designed to boost indoor air quality and increase energy efficiency. In winter, the ERV transfers heat from the exhaust air to the intake air, conserving energy.  In summer, excess heat and humidity in the incoming air is transferred to the exhaust air. The installation process for the new ComfoAir 70 is simple with only one penetration through an exterior wall.


Despite its simple design, system installation can be customized depending on the layout of the home and its ventilation needs. The ComfoAir 70 exhausts and supplies air directly or the ERV can connect to the kitchen or bathroom using flexible ductwork manufactured by Zehnder.


The demand for healthy indoor air has grown in recent years, as the link between common health ailments and indoor air quality has become increasingly clear. In particular, many people wish to retrofit their homes with balanced ventilation systems that supplying fresh, filtered air and exhaust odors, particles, pollutants, and excess humidity.


This is especially beneficial because excess humidity can cause mold and mildew growth, which can impact occupant health. The fine filter on the ComfoAir 70 can remove many airborne pollutants and common allergens  including dust, pollen, and pet dander.


The ComfoAir 70 is now in stock. The first systems are being installed in Vancouver, British Columbia in an apartment complex to promote cleaner indoor air.