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GE to Design Wind, Solar Energy Storage Project in India

GE last week said that its energy consulting business has been chosen by wind energy firm IL&FS Energy Development to examine the feasibility of integrated wind, solar and energy storage projects at IL&FS Energy’s sites in Ramagiri, Andhra Pradesh, and Nana Layja, Gujarat, India.

As a part of a study by IL&FS Energy, GE said it will design an integrated wind, solar and energy storage plant, estimate its capital and operating costs and develop a business plan that includes the viability gap funding that will be required for the commercialization of the project. IL&FS Energy’s study investigates how the company can best integrate wind and solar PV installations with energy storage solutions to create dispatchable, utility-scale renewable energy projects.

“Energy storage technologies are essential to the integration of renewables,” Sunil Wadhwa, managing director, IL&FS Energy, said in a statement. “They help to address the variability of wind and solar PV generation and make renewable energy more acceptable to the grid.

Wadhwa added that, for commercial deployment of these technologies, a robust regulatory framework needs to be in place.

“The flexibility and cost reductions that energy storage technologies provide to grid infrastructure would allow India to achieve an efficient, low-carbon intensity trajectory,” he said. “The current challenge, however, is to address the initial high cost through a regulatory framework.”

GE said it expects to complete the project this summer.

Lead image credit: IL&FS Energy.