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Top 5 Hybrid Energy News (Solar- & Wind-Diesel-Hybrid + Microgrids) – January 2016

The January edition of our “Top 5 Hybrid Energy News” features Caterpillar, Powerhive, Yingli Solar, Soneva, Armstrong Asset Management, ib vogt, Qinous, Albert Schweitzer Hospital and N.W.T. Power Corporation.

Top 1
Proof of concept for smaller off-grid PPAs: Yingli Solar signs PPA with Soneva Fushi island resort (Maledives) for 624 kWp PV plant

A new 624 kWp PV system will expand the existing plant (70kWp). Yingli Solar and Soneva Fushi resort sign power-purchase agreement (PPA) with option to buy the system later on. The system will take care of the day-demand for electricity: expected at least 30% of diesel consumption.


Top 2
Caterpillar invests in Powerhive

Caterpillar sees promise in the rapidly evolving microgrid industry and markets. Caterpillar’s venture capital arm, Caterpillar Ventures, announced it takes stake in Powerhive’s US$20 million Series A round. Powerhive is a developer and vendor of smart microgrids that network residential and commercial smart solar PV-energy storage systems. Move will help Cat develop off-grid energy access.


Top 3
Qinous ensures clean energy supply in Haiti with a 200 kW battery system

In first project phase, a storage with 200 kW output and a capacity of 225 kWh has been installed. The electricity is generated by a 230 kWp roof-top PV plant. The lithium ion battery system allows for a complete shutdown of diesel generators during the day. The new hospital was financed by the Swiss partnership HAS Haiti through private donations, and the PV battery system in Deschapelles is a joint project of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital and Qinous.


Top 4
nv vogt inaugurated 6.23 MWp PV plant for Island microgrid in the Philippines

The PV plant with a capacity of 6.23 MWp is the largest one operating in Mindanao to date. The project was developed by nv vogt and its joint venture partner ib vogt GmbH working with local partner ADV Builders as the on-shore EPC. The funding for the construction was provided by Armstrong Asset Management (AAM).


Top 5
Solar-diesel hybrid is even viable in the far North

Colville Lake in the Northwest Territories (Canada) is powered by solar-diesel hybrid with a 130 kWp PV system. The new hybrid plant combines solar and battery storage with diesel generators to power the town of less than 200 people. The plant is run by N.W.T. Power Corporation.

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