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SIXteen Solar Stories, SIX Words Each

PV and ME Question #7: Can six-word PV tales tell all?

 6  So many solar websites and newsletters.
 6  So much to read every day.
 6  PV and ME knows your pain.
  But writing is really just editing.
  Each story here has six words.
 6  Fast to read, easy to enjoy.
 6  Anyone can SIXword their life’s story.
 6  A minimal memoir all about you.
 6  “No future. No past. Not lost.”
6  That could even be about solar.
 6  Does it have a long future?
 6  It certainly has a short past.
 6  Whether it’s lost, time will tell.
 6  So get some wine and relax.
 6  It’s time for 16 solar stories.

1) PV is solar. Is solar PV?

2) Solar power, power friendly, powerful foes.

3) Silicon–ingot—wafer—cell–module—POWER.

4) US PV, no ITC, no sales?

5) Sun and wind: perpetual motion real.

6) PV incentives – survival of the FIT-test.

7) Modi wins. Solar cheers. India waits,

8) PV researchers, unsung heroes, names please.

9) Goodbye Italy. Farewell Spain. Who’s next?

10) Solar Impulse – PV on an Odyssey.

11) Electric vehicles. Fossil-fuel charged. No gain.

12) Factory born, factory dies, solar life.

13) Hot sales! Blazing sales! Fire sales?

14) Man’s greatest discoveries – fire and photons.

15) Nuclear. New? Clear? Clearly unsafe. UNSAFE!

16) PV is business with a conscience.

  6   Your turn to tell solar’s story. Six words, no more, no less.   6 

This blog was originally published on PV and ME and was republished with permission.