Tech Notes

Issue 6 and Volume 22.

ICOLD releases three new technical bulletins

The International Commission on Large Dams announces availability of three new technical bulletins: 149, 152 and 156.

According to Bulletin 149, Role of Dams on the Development and Management of River Basins, dams are tools for managing water resources in river basins. This bulletin focuses on integrated river basin planning and management, which involves a range of economic considerations, as well as issues surrounding rivers as a fresh water source. This bulletin analyzes the role of dams in river basins and their contribution to satisfying people’s needs and deals with the integration of river basins as planning units for the development and management of water resources.

Bulletin 152, Cost Savings in Specific Dams, covers identifying and mitigating factors detrimental to cost savings, such as procedures, set ideas and unadapted specifications, as well as technical opportunities for innovation and cost savings in the design of dams. The bulletin refers to such opportunities when they apply to special dams for which the conditions may require or favor unusual criteria, designs and/or construction methods. They may be required because of environmental problems, climatic changes or physical or economic conditions.

Bulletin 156, Integrated Flood Risk Management, describes the fundamental knowledge needed for flood management according to current state-of-the-art and provides help in selecting the design and implementation strategy. The prerequisites for flood management are the understanding of flood characteristics and how to calculate flood magnitude and frequency. Equally essential is understanding the impact of floods and how to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate these. Proper knowledge is a fundamental input to risk analysis, which forms the basis for integrated flood management.

ICOLD provides a forum for knowledge exchange in dam engineering. The bulletins can be purchased at: www.icold-cigb.org.

Nepal plans hydropower assessment of four river basins

The Nepal Water and Energy Commission Secretariat plans to hire a consultant to prepare basin plans for four rivers, examining the availability of water resources for uses that include hydropower. The secretariat received financing from the World Bank for the project.

The consultant will prepare a basin plan for each river basin to utilize water resources in a sustainable manner, with due consideration to the environment and aquatic ecosystem. The resulting integrated water resources development planning system will enable the assessment and analysis of water availability, demand across a range of uses, irrigation, water supply, environment and flood disaster risk management.

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