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Charcoal Briquette Plant

Charcoal Briquette Plant Introduction
Charcoal production line is used to make high quality charcoal for heating, warming, cooking and other industrial use, the whole charcoal production line mainly includes four processes: biomass material crushing, sawdust drying, charcoal briquetting and carbonization. The produced charcoal is featured with high density and good flammability, alternative to firewood and coal.

Charcoal Production Line Features
1. Reasonable design, convenient operation, labor and energy saving.
2. Automatic control of electric heating device, randomly adjust the humidity of materials to ensure the material molding stability, improving work efficiency.
3. The main parts of the machine adopt wear-resistant material with special treatment and heavy-duty design.
4. Applicable to all kinds of biomass raw materials, high production efficiency.
5. Oil-immersed lubrication system ensures a long working life.
6. Increased screw pitch of charcoal briquette press makes contribution to the feeding quantity, thus greatly improving the yield..
7. Improved structure design of the molding cylinder has greatly reduced the frictional force between charcoal briquette machine and raw materials as well as increased the briquettes density.