Baseload, Bioenergy, Geothermal, Hydropower, Solar, Storage, Wind Power’s Most Popular Videos of 2013

We at work hard to bring you fresh, digestible content on the renewable energy industry every day. Whether it is through news stories, opinion pieces, podcasts or technical articles, we try to provide content through various outlets that make sense for you. And sometimes it’s nice to just watch a great video.

Our video coverage includes project tours, expert interviews, educational pieces and more. We even host contributed work, so if you’d like to share your videos with our audience, please let us know!

So sit back, relax, and catch up on the top 10 most-watched videos of 2013. Share your favorites in the comments below.


#10 Most-watched Video of 2013

Abundant Clean Energy for and by the People

Solar Mosaic has made a huge splash this year by bringing a crowdfunding concept to the solar industry. Mosaic is an online marketplace that makes it easy for anyone to invest in solar energy projects. Investors earn competitive returns, community centers and other institutions save money on electricity bills, and we all benefit from more clean energy. It has since insprired hundreds of people to invest in solar.  


#9 Most-watched Video of 2013

The State of the Solar Industry with Julia Hamm and Rhone Resch Plus CEO Panel

Hear what the experts are saying about the solar industry in 2012 and beyond. What will happen in this uncertain market? CEO’s weigh in. This is the official opening session of Solar Power International 2012. It’s long but worth watching.


#8 Most-watched Video of 2013

Renewable Energy Optimization in the Heart of Coal Country

Sustainable Williamson strives to show the development of a diversified renewable energy economy going on in Williamson, West Virgina, and use it as a testament or example to inspire other communities throughout central Appalachia, coal country and the nation. Watch this inspiring project below, and read the feature story about the project here.


#7 Most-watched Video of 2013

Solar Decathlon 2013: Czech Technical University

Associate editor Jim Montgomery ventured out to the 2013 Solar Decathlon in Irvine, California and caught up with each team.

Here, take a tour with us through the Czech Technical University’s AIR house (Affordable, Innovative, and Recyclable), with design inspired by 50-plus-year-old empty nesters nearing retirement. A minimum interior living area is balanced by a generous outdoor terrace, and the home from load-bearing structure to furniture is made almost entirely out of wood. The PV system uses 30 amorphous crystalline panels (185 Wp each), complementing two flat-plate solar thermal collectors which can utilize as much as 80 percent solar energy. The Czech team noted, though, that the AIR house normally would be oppositely oriented from a house in California, and that cooling in their home environment isn’t as much of a factor.


#6 Most-watched Video of 2013

Solar Decathlon 2013: UNLV

Another school team is featured from the 2013 Solar Decathlon in Irvine, California.

The DesertSol house from the U. of Nevada-Las Vegas was designed to “reflect the spirit of the Mojave Desert […] with reverence to the sun as both a source of harsh conditions and a solution for sustainable living.” Design features include weathered wood rain screens, solar shade screens, and an efficient water reclaim system. The 6.7-kW solar PV array features Sunpower panels and Power-One microinverters. Solar thermal collectors provide radiant floor and water heating. The house uses ductless mini-split heat pumps (MSHP) for air-conditioning, and a hydronic radiant floor system heated by the solar thermal storage tank as the primary heating source.


#5 Most-watched Video of 2013

Solar Decathlon 2013: Austria

Yet another school team is featured from the 2013 Solar Decathlon in Irvine, California. These projects were quite popular this year.

Team Austria’s Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation (LISI) from the Vienna U. of Technology is an atrium-style house typical for Austria, envisioned as a sustainable urban cottage or a contemporary chalet for mountain and lake resorts. The open space has fully retractable glass walls; note the eye-catching exterior curtain facade, made from a plastic-feel textile material. It’s also made almost entirely out of wood, down to the kitchen chairs molded with chipped bark. Energy is supplied by a 8.6-kW, 35-panel rooftop PV system.


#4 Most-watched Video of 2013

Take a Virtual Tour of the Stanton Solar Farm

In early November, chief editor Jennifer Runyon and a group of POWER-GEN and Renewable Energy World Conference, North America attendees were invited to visit Duke Energy’s Stanton Solar Array. Here’s a glimpse of what they saw.


#3 Most-watched Video of 2013

Solar Gangnam Style

The SolarEdge team created this fun solar-themed “Gangnam Style” parody to wish everyone happy holidays in 2012. Watch its employees and managers do the Solar Dance.

Check out their new 2013 happy holidays video, Scream and Shout, here.


#2 Most-watched Video of 2013

Back to Basics Video: What Is Geothermal Energy Anyway?

This is a great video that describes how geothermal energy is created deep down in the earth, how it is harvested, and where in the world the resource can be tapped. 


#1 Most-watched Video of 2013

The Solar Market in 2013

After our annual solar energy outlook was published earlier this year, the folks at RENVU were nice enough to create a video based on the popular piece. Since then, the video went viral on our site, as well. 

Stay tuned for our 2014 renewable energy outlooks in the coming weeks.

Lead image: Camera lense via Shutterstock