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Saving the national energy to use efficient power device.


Saving  the national energy to use efficient power device.

Maximum electronics goods manufacturer companies are not concern about the power saving, they are always concern to make more revenues; that why they are following the maximum auction the electronics goods within short term. Maximum manufacturers companies are concern to add more features for consumer’s more attraction, that why they are not serious to develop the power device.

Maximum power device are less than seventy percentages efficient, that why lost the more than 30% energy from the national grid, not only misuse the energy also expense more electricity bill. In general sense, it is not big issues with respect to one or two family, but we are thinking with respect the whole country or one area or one big location; it is big issue.

We cannot directly receive the electricity from natural, its conversion another natural form of fossil fuels. Therefore, electricity generating cost is high rated and we lost the some energy to coveted electricity.

If, we use the more 90% efficient power electronics device to save the national energy. Consequent, we will be saving natural resources for next generation.