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The energy source for the future … 

RF Accelerator Driven Heavy Ion Fusion Power

There is a solution to the energy need for the world and the US without generating green house gases or nuclear fission radioactive problems.

It is Heavy Ion Fusion (HIF) as developed in the late 1970’s at Argonne National Lab under the Department of Defense (DOD).

You never heard of it, … right, few people have, … as HIF was set aside by the US DOD (& DOE) in favor of lasers, as lasers could maybe be a weapon and HIF could not be a weapon. But Lasers have not, and probably will not be a commerical energy gerenator any time in the near future.

By 2050, fusion will be the source of most of the world’s energy.  This is not wishful thinking, it is simply a way of stating that all other forms of energy that are based on the use of finite fossil fuel sources must decline in the next few decades.  This decline will provide a major impetus for the rapid increase in the utilization of this new form of energy.  Wind, solar and bio fuels are only “feel good solutions” of “we are doing something to solve the problem” when they have little possibility of generating the 14 TW needed in the next 40 years. I can show you the math.

HIF is the ONLY practical answer for non-proliferation of atomic weapons and maybe the real way to world peace … non-aggression for national energy supplies and national security.

Let us get moving to really solve the energy problem … not 35 more years of research!