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The market scale of PV inverter will break through 7 billion and the small business develop rapidly

The latest PV inverter report of IMS Research pointed on the business environment of 150 main suppliers. Compare to other products on the solar industrial chain, the price of PV inverter reduces relatively small. However, IMS Research still prospects that although the output quantity will increase 25%, the revenue of manufacturer’s only increases 3%. The global PV inverter sales will break trough 7 billion.


‘In 2012, the output quantity will raise sharply, while the sales and benefit are hard to increase.’ Said Ash Sharma, the head of PV department in IMS Research. He added, ‘BY the influence of the changes of the solar inverter product combination, the market needs adjustment and the major market slowdown, the 2012 PV market will has the double-digit decline.’


The report points out that due to the high stock of the pv inverter, the sales of the 2011 global inverter market has a little shrunk. However, the shipments increased 12%.


As the PV system installation capacity in German and Italy will gradually reduce in 2013, Europe has subsequently lost its dominant position.