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Social Networking Is Great, But it Doesn’t Beat Socializing…And Networking

I’m a big fan of social media, especially as a business-to-business publication editor.  Through, our Facebook page, my Twitter account, the REWorld Twitter account, my LinkedIn Profile and the renewable energy-focused LinkedIn groups of which I am a member, I am connected to a huge community of people who have the same passion that I do for renewable energy.

The benefits of social media for those of us who write or edit for a living are unprecedented. There has never been a time in history when writers could put their words out into the world and get immediate feedback on them. And for business networking, social media can’t be beat.  I recently learned that two readers who had commented on one of my pieces connected with each other and were at work on a deal.  Those types of results are music to a business editor’s ears.

But on the other hand, who the heck are all of you? While we all share this social media connection, do we really know each other?  Most interpersonal experts agree that we need to interface in order to really understand and learn from each other. What’s more, I heard today about a study that claims social networking is making us lonely despite the fact that we are more connected than ever.  I would agree that while I am happy to share and connect with the people in my network, I gain exponentially more knowledge about the renewable energy industry from meeting them in person.

So with this in mind, if you are in the solar industry, I am urging you to submit an abstract to speak at Solar POWER-GEN.  You are an expert in your field and this is where you can get in front of actual people and show it off.  We’ll be talking about the large-scale solar market, how to get financing, transmission headaches and cures, permitting, policy and how the large-scale solar power market is developing globally among many other topics.  The show takes place next February in San Diego, Calif.

I can’t even begin to name all of the experts who sit on the conference program committee with me, but I assure you that they represent all facets of the solar industry and they know it very well.  These people review all the abstracts submitted and select those that will make compelling sessions. Having your abstract selected is an honor by itself but it also guarantees you a full conference pass and ensures that you won’t have any excuse not to come to Solar POWER-GEN and start socializing and networking in person.

The abstract submission deadline is only 20 days away!  Submit your abstract today. 

Lead image: social media isolation via shutterstock.