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The Heavy water

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Properties of structure of nuclear functions of structure of water allow to keep the processes which are in atmospheric scales in passive volume. This concentration of a functional exchange is in system of spheres of a molecule of water. Considering electric properties of the water, the given concentration of structure can be distributed in the conditions of artificial atmosphere. In this case, the quantity of atmospheric layers can be any. It depends on conditions of researches.

Creation of artificial atmosphere isn’t defined by high-frequency and high electric pressure. On the contrary, in this case, electric processes can occur in low electric field constant and variable electric pressure. The main condition of decomposition of structure of water is the module of electric charges comprising statements of the problem of researches. The phase projection of the imitation, investigated structure, is in the static conditions adequate to nuclear functions of structure of water. These conditions exclude casual processes of decomposition concerning the established model.

In the course of decomposition of the basic structure there is a stabilization of a radioactive background at the expense of structural polarization of experimental model. In this case, the module – the model structure, contains not connected nuclear functions for phase transformations. Stabilization of phase structure of model occurs under the influence of electric pressure. These conditions have display of the moment for the established electrostatic processes.

MOV03857.AVI Numerical genetics

MOV03858.AVI Numerical genetics (continuation)

On video. A method of structural decomposition of water. Water is divided by three modules simulating set structure. The model is energized 220 v, 50 Hz. Water consistently closes an electric chain. Each module becomes electrostatic for concrete conditions of structure of water. The module remains a usual electric conductor when water disconnects an electric chain. 

This laboratory model can be increased till the industrial sizes. The quantity of modules can be any. The design of model allows to make modules in the various branched out chains.

The method is based on mathematical model of nuclear functions. The maintenance of structure of spheres of nuclear symbols is in conditions of processes of distribution of scales in individual volume of numerical structure of Hydrogen. Unlike the existing theories, the given method will exclude uncertainty degree in definition of any number.