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BioTech Bio Farm

At Bio Tech Bio Farm, we undertake any project at farm level to generate green energy to meet out power needs of an agricultural farm which is engaged in organic farming activities utilizing the concept of INTEGRATED POLYCULTURE FARMING SYSTEM (

The green energy development is aimed at all renewable energy sources and non polluting/ nonconventional enrgy production technology.Even small agricultural farms are in need of power to run their agricultural operations starting from lift irrigation to harvesting and storing of the produces in predomonantly agricultural country like our India..

But allmost all activites are  now carried out using the polluting enrgy sources only and a real  green energy production or utilization does not take place. reason being ignorance and unaffordability on the part of our small/medium farmers.Hence we advocate green energy production for an organic farming venture simultaneously educating ur farmers on the need for clean production mechnanisms..If it could be achieved a lot of carbon credits can also be earned out odf large scale CPM.

We need partners o supply technology , products and on site execution of any green energy production programme of all our clients’ organic farming enterprises.We welcome all national /international PV Technology , thin film technology and other  green energy companies to partner with our business.

dr.gurusamy gandhi