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Wind Power & American Values

The beach town of ZeebruggeIn Zeebrugge, there are a couple of big wind turbines. I didn’t get a picture of it, but as you approach, there’s one really pretty, big old hotel, and you see the giant windmill behind it, and it’s really striking. Above you can see it from a different perspective. On the way home we saw lots more wind turbines along the side of the road.

Seeing these wind turbines, I was struck by how wonderful they are, and confused how anybody could be against them, or even apathetic towards them. When I see wind turbines like the ones in Zeebrugge, I think: clean, independent, self-sufficient, physical power, living off the land, and being centered in one’s physical environment. Maybe cleanliness is not so important to everyone, but those other ideas are *really* traditional American ideas. How come America isn’t more supportive of wind power?


Wind turbines along the highway