Researchers Hope to Yield High-Efficiency Thin Film

A group of researchers is meeting this week in the UK to form a partnership to help a Norwegian company develop a nano-particle cell that could reach efficiencies of more than 20 percent.

The primary research will be conducted at the University of Leicester in the UK in partnership with EnSol AS, the company trying to commercialize the material. Experts from around Europe are meeting today in the UK to discuss how to collaborate on development of the material.

According to EnSol, the basic concept has been demonstrated. The company says it is outlining a path toward a 20% efficient material that can be coated on windows and other building materials.

No word yet on lifetime or projected cost. But if these cells are like other coating materials, those two factors will be major barriers in the short term.

Check out the video below to hear University of Leicester professor Chris Binns talk about the potential of the material.