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Recycle and Reuse Applies to PV, Too

Ever wonder what happens to all the manufacturing scrap that is created during PV manufacturing?  Jennifer Woolwich did and discovered that in fact, PV Recycling was one aspect of the solar industry that was missing.  So in February 2009, she created PV Recycling to address the needs of manufacturers and consumers who, for one reason or another, have panels that need to be removed.

The Arizona-based company does a lot more than collect and recycle panels or manufacturing scrap.  It partners with manufacturers and serves as the point of contact for consumers that need to act on their solar panel warranties. Then it collects the malfunctioning panels, tests them to determine the reason for the failure and finally breaks the panel down into its pre-manufactured state and recycles up to 90% of it.

On the manufacturing side, PV Recycling helps manufacturers set up and fund warranty and end-of-life operations and offers them valuable real world data about how their panels hold up once they have left the factory floor.

Want to hear more?  Check out my interview with Woolwich below.