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8000 MW of Solar Applications in Ontario Right Now

If you want to study how a feed-in tariff can positively affect a market, you only need to look at Ontario.  According to Chantal Ramsey, Consul of Economic Affairs for the Ontario government, the province has been overwhelmed with the success of its program.  In fact, at Intersolar in one of the press conferences, a solar CEO said that Ontario accomplished in 6 months what New Jersey has been trying to do for 8 years. 

I spoke with Ramsey at Intersolar last week during our Internet Video Broadcast and she told me about how the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) expects solar developers to meet the domestic content requirement of the FIT, which goes to 60% in 2011.  It currently mandates that in order for a solar power project to be eligible for the FIT, 50% of the parts used in the project must be made in Ontario. 

At 60% she expects more panel assembly to begin taking place in Ontario and cites three companies with plans to either set up or ramp up manufacturing in the province.

It was hard to tear Chantel Ramsey away from her booth for an interview because she was literally swarmed with companies interested in learning about Ontario from the moment Intersolar booths opened to the moment they closed.   She gave us a few minutes of her time, however, which you can view by watching the video below.