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How About a Competition – with $200k Prize

With all the discussion about innovative marketing techniques I thought it would be interesting to show that some very big companies are using social media tools and other methods to generate buzz. Check out the latest entry into the fray of cool online marketing campaigns. This one, by Owens Corning, is a competition to find the next great application for composite materials.

One of the categories: Renewable Energy, of course. 

Oh, and did I mention that they are offering $200,000 of prize money.


Now, I will mention that Owens Corning is one of our customers and was paid to email the announcement of the competition to our list of readers. We are not getting paid to blog about it, nor do we ever get paid to blog about a subject, but I do like a good competition and thought that this one was worth mentioning here, especially since there has been so much discussion about how to create good marketing buzz.

Enjoy the video and, if you have any brilliant ideas, jump on over to their campaign site to nominate your next great composites app brainstorm.