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Money Might Not Grow on Trees, But it Falls From the Sky

In response to an earlier post about innovative video ads from our marketing blogger Solar Fred, I thought I’d share these videos from Sungevity, a California-based solar service provider.

This company is a one-stop shop for online system design, sales and financing arrangements. The only thing they don’t do is the physical installations. After playing in the online system design space for a couple years, the company is now offering 10-year solar leases and competing with residential solar service providers like SunRun and SolarCity.

This space has grown enormously in the last three years and given the complex nature of our incentive system, I’m a firm believer that these solar service providers will be the dominant businesses in the U.S. as the solar industry expands.

If that’s the case, these companies need to start thinking about more innovative marketing efforts. As Solar Fred mentioned earlier, it’s not all about grassy fields, blue skies and sunshine. We have to “think outside the module,” if you will. These solar leases can make solar affordable for the average homeowner from day one – and we need to come up with new ways to illustrate that. These videos from Sungevity are certainly on the right track: