35-MW Hydro Project Planned For Bosnia

London-based Energy Financing Team (EFT) is prepared to invest €100 million [US $143.6 million] to build a hydropower plant in southeastern Bosnia, according to Bosnia’s Serb Republic energy ministry.

EFT would build the 35-MW project on the Neretva River, the ministry said. The facility, which would generate about 76 GWh annually, is expected to begin commercial production in 2013, according to the ministry.

Bosnia’s Serb Republic granted the concession for construction to EFT, which specializes in central and southeast European electricity markets.

Bosnia is one of the few countries in Southeast Europe seen as capable of exporting electricity. The others rely on imports to cover between 30 percent and 50 percent of electricity consumption. The region has awarded a series of concession contracts for the construction of small power plants but still needs to implement them.

Another renewable energy developer, Technor Energy ASA, is seeking bids for the construction of seven hydropower projects on Bosnia’s Bosna River. (HydroWorld 6/2/09)