New US Solar Thermal Venture Launched

Concentrating solar thermal power technology company MAN Ferrostaal and Solar Millennium AG are to launch a new joint venture in the U.S.

The two companies say the creation of the venture, Solar Trust of America LLC (STA), is in response to the marked increase in demand for solar thermal power generation in the country.

Through affiliated companies, Solar Millennium will have a majority share in the new company, while a minority share will be owned by MAN Ferrostaal Inc., Cleveland (Ohio), a subsidiary of MAN Ferrostaal AG. Solar Millennium will also integrate the American project development subsidiary Solar Millennium LLC, based in Berkeley, California, as a future subsidiary of STA.

Solar Millennium LLC says it already has long-term power purchase contracts for up to three parabolic trough power plants in California, each of which will generate just under 250 MW as well as other projects under development and it says that STA will intensify the development of projects in the southwestern states of the USA.