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The InterSolar 2009 Tweetup

As I said in my previous Twitter posts, one of the most powerful things about Twitter is its ability to make connections. People are always having these mini-conversations that are supported by links to news or blogs or other information.

This type of regular interaction isn’t soulless, especially when Tweeters are thanking each other for mentions and RTs.

Occasionally, there is the opportunity to meet your fellow Tweeters in a common location, and when this happens, it’s called a “Tweetup.”

Case in point: InterSolar 2009. ::continue::

Deep Patel (@DeepPatel) from started searching for Tweeters going to InterSolar using “#Intersolar” in the Twitter search box. Suddenly, anyone who mentions Intersolar on Twitter is revealed and Deep tweeted them about convening at Thirsty Bear, a nearby bar, after each day of the conference.

I couldn’t make it to InterSolar this year, but I heard that many solar Tweeters came, they saw, and conversed in full sentences to one another without tinyurls to finish their thoughts.

So Twitter is not only a tool in cyberspace, but a tool that brings face to face communication and organizes events.

For those who didn’t know anything about Deep’s InterSolar 2009 Tweetup, it’s possible they missed some business opportunities. However, I suspect what they really missed—and what I missed—was to more closely bond with new friends and to learn more about what they individually saw at InterSolar 2009.

Look for more solar convention Tweetups in the future. Solar Power International 2009 perhaps? 

Tor Valenza aka “Solar Fred” is a solar consultant and partner at solar referral service, Follow him on Twitter @SolarFred.

Photo:Flickr/Matthew Oliphant