Solarfun Sees 5% Efficiency Boost with Full-Square Monocrystalline Cells

Solarfun Power Deutschland GmbH has announced the introduction of SF2, a line of fullsquare monocrystalline cells and modules.

SF2 cells are a full square shape to take advantage of the entire module surface, recapturing the surface area losses of pseudo-squares. This innovative increases the overall light-absorbing surface of monocrystalline cells, resulting in higher power output and up to 5% higher module efficiency, Solarfun said in a statement.

Solarfun produces both monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon cells and modules, and manufactures 100% of its modules with in-house produced PV cells. Solarfun sells its products both through third-party distributors, OEM manufacturers and directly to system integrators. Solarfun was founded in 2004 and its products have been certified to TUV and UL safety and quality standards.