Sopogy Solar Air Conditioning Demonstration Begins Operations

Sopogy’s MicroCSP solar collectors will be used in combination with a thermal air conditioning unit to demonstrate the power of a solar air-conditioning demonstration system. The Solar A/C program is being sponsored by Southern California Gas Co. a subsidiary of Sempra Energy.

The demonstration, is part of an overall effort to provide customers with energy solutions that will reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Sopogy’s solar collectors, which were installed on the rooftop of Southern California Gas‘ Energy Resource Center (ERC) in Downey, California, will produce 10 tons of cooling, or enough air-conditioning to cool three average-sized homes.

The system will provide solar thermal heat by concentrating the sun’s energy on a collection tube and heating the recirculated heat transfer fluid within the system. The generated heat will then be used in conjunction with absorption chillers to provide a renewable source of industrial cooling for the air-conditioning system at the ERC.

To learn more about Sopogy’s technology, play the video below.