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Developing Renewables with War-Time Urgency

Governments all around the world are making renewable energy a top priority; finally, the United States has joined the effort. The slew of programs moving through Washington are proof that politicians are starting to recognize the value of clean energy. But are they moving with the level of urgency needed?

In this podcast, we’ll talk about how the stimulus package, cap and trade, tax credits, feed-in tariffs and the renewable energy standard are coming together to create an ecosystem of support that the U.S. has never seen.

Tim Howell of GE Energy Financial Services discusses the importance of the stimulus package guidelines and how they will help his company get back to actively financing projects.

Former California Energy Commissioner John Geesman tells us why he thinks the energy bill – even if it is scaled back – will be valuable for the industry. He’ll also talk about the value of using a war-time metaphor when describing the need to support renewable energy.

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