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Our Renewable Nation: A Family of Doers

For some time, I’ve been following the folks at Our Renewable Nation, who are currently traveling cross-country in their veggie-powered beetle interviewing industry professionals about our ability to power our nation with 100% renewable energy in 10 years.

The team is made up of Colin (father), Carrick and Gareth (his two sons, ages 9 and 6). Colin does all of the filming and Carrick does all the interviewing.


They’re currently in the middle of their trip, which will last through the end of June. In fact, they’ve going to stop by the offices to have a chat at the end of their journey.

Also, be sure to check out next week’s podcast. They’ve sent in some audio from Texas, where they had a fantastic interview with Cliff Etheridge, the guy who helped the town of Roscoe become the site of the world’s largest wind farm. He’s a really interesting person!