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SunRun Solar Leases Come to Arizona

On the heels of announcing its move into Massachusetts, SunRun has announced with American Solar Electric that homeowners in Arizona will now have access to solar energy without high upfront cost. Arizona homeowners can now have their home solar systems installed before summer utility rates increase with the summer temperatures.

The American Solar Electric and SunRun partnership gives homeowners a more affordable alternative to purchasing an American Solar Electric system outright. With SunRun’s solar lease, Arizona customers can now get an American Solar Electric system for as little as US $1,000 upfront, and realize cost savings on their monthly electricity bills immediately. SunRun also provides complete monitoring, maintenance, repairs, insurance and performance guarantee for all its customers, simplifying the process of going solar for homeowners.

“American Solar Electric’s mission is to provide high-value photovoltaic systems to Arizona customers at very competitive prices. While our value proposition has always been one of the best, not all prospective customers have been able to enjoy the benefits of solar electric systems due to the upfront investment required. By partnering with SunRun, we are now able to deliver our same high-value systems to Arizona homeowners without the full upfront investment previously required,” said Sean Seitz, president and co-owner of American Solar Electric.

SunRun launched in California in 2007 and has seen exponential growth over the past two years, becoming a popular option for hundreds of homeowners there. In November 2008, U.S. Bancorp committed project financing for up to $105 million in solar facilities to SunRun, and SunRun is now bringing its low upfront solar pricing and high-quality service for residential solar customers in Arizona.