Pelamis Secures Wave Energy Order from E.on

Pelamis Wave Power Limited (PWP) announced an order from E.on for the next generation of Pelamis Wave Energy Converter, known as the P-2. The machine will be built at PWP’s new facility at Leith Docks in Edinburgh, Scotland and put through its paces at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney.

The new machine will be 180 meters long and includes a range of new design features to improve performance and ease of manufacture. This will be the first time a major utility has ordered a wave energy converter for installation in the UK and the first time the P-2 machine will be tested anywhere in the world.

“We are very pleased to have secured this order from E.on. They have a strong commitment to bringing marine energy forward and we are excited to have been selected to spearhead this. This order is a validation of our unique experience in building and operating Pelamis machines, and all the hard work our engineering team has put into the design of the P-2 machine,” said Phil Metcalf, CEO of Pelamis.