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Crunch Time for Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Congress comes back to Washington next week and in the tradition of election-year politics, there’s a good chance that much won’t get done before November. That means there are very few chances left to extend the Production and Investment Tax credits before they expire at the end of the year. This week, our Washington Analyst Scott Sklar updates us on the tax credit situation and gives us his take on the presidential candidates.

Then, we’ll finish up our California ballot initiative series by looking at the arguments in support of Proposition 10. There’s a growing debate about whether or not the measure will favor natural gas vehicles over other battery-based options. Proposition 10 supporter Patrick Dorinson tells us why the initiative will benefit all forms of transportation in the state.

Finally, we’ll have a look at what the city of Greensburg, Kansas is doing to rebuild in a sustainable way. Greensburg was devastated in May of 2007 when a Tornado ripped through the city, demolishing 95% of the buildings. Contributor Mark Braly talks with Tim Schmidt, CEO of Xtreme Homes, a company working to bring green modular homes and a sustainable employment base to Greensburg.

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