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Issue 4 and Volume 26.

FUJIFILM Hunt coating protects plant surfaces

FUJIFILM Hunt Smart Surfaces manufactures a non-toxic, silicone-based coating system for intake tunnels and pipes, trashracks, and screens. The company says the system works especially well in places where organisms, such as zebra mussels, are prone to attach to and foul surfaces.

The coating system consists of an epoxy anti-corrosion layer and a protective silicone topcoat. The company says this combination results in a finish that is not vulnerable to wear and tear from debris in the water.

At a constant water flow as low as 7 feet per second, biofouling organisms are unable to attach to surface of a structure on which the coating system is applied, according to the company. In situations where water flows are not constant and organisms do attach to surfaces, they can be removed by water jet under normal pressure.

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Web-based service for Maximo users

Projetech offers a service, eMaintenance7reg;, that enables access to Maximo maintenance management software via the Internet. Subscribers can access Maximo software from any device with an Internet connection.

The service includes software support. Support services include: generation of maintenance work orders, completion of routine monthly and year-end updates and reports, delivery of reports to subscribers via e-mail, and trouble-shooting of application errors. Projetech says it will configure the monthly service according to the needs of individual subscribers.

Projectech provides services related to management and maintenance of hydroelectric assets. The company partners with IBM, who recently acquired the company MRO Software, the owner of Maximo.

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Garlock introduces new gasketing material

Garlock Sealing Technologies released a new gasket that swells to create its own load when it comes into contact with water or oil. The self-loading Multi-Swell gasket virtually eliminates what the company says is the most common cause of gasket failure, lack of load.

Garlock Sealing Technologies’ Multi-Swell gasket.
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The new product can seal standard flanges of ring and full-face designs, difficult-to-seal cast iron flanges, specialty designs, and non-metallic flanges. In hydro plants, Garlock said the product can be applied to lift and thrust bearing applications, turbine oil cooling systems, main bearing systems, gear boxes, and pipe flanges.

The Multi-Swell gasket is more compressible than standard fiber gaskets, enabling it to be cut and installed with greater ease. Because it is compressible, it conforms to less-than-desirable flange conditions and can seal immediately with lower loads.

A standard gasket will lose about 20 percent of the applied load within 22 hours at 212 degrees Fahrenheit while the Multi-Swell gasket will gain 4 percent additional load under the same conditions when exposed to water or oil first, the company said.

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Stevens provides for wireless data collection

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems offers an adapter for linking data loggers and other instruments to computers without using wire or cable.

The Stevens Shark RS232/RS485 adapter uses Bluetooth wireless technology. The adapter has a range of up to 100 meters.

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