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Fuel Production Starts at Biomethane Plant

Gasrec, BOC, a subsidiary of The Linde Group, and waste management company SITA UK, have announced that production of liquid biomethane (LBM) fuel is underway at Gasrec’s plant on SITA UK’s Albury landfill site in Surrey, UK.

The Albury plant will produce some 5000 tons of LBM per year, sufficient to fuel up to 150 Heavy Goods Vehicles or up to 500 Large Goods Vehicles. Gasrec has been working closely with BOC and SITA UK to develop an LBM production facility at Albury that can recover more than 85% of the methane contained in the raw gas produced from the landfill site.

The Gasrec process cleans the landfill gas of all impurities before methane is separated and liquefied. The liquefaction technology for landfill applications is provided under an exclusive UK agreement with The Linde Group while BOC provides plant operation and maintenance services. The initial target for the use of LBM is commercial vehicles operating in the haulage and waste management sectors.

“We are delighted to announce the production of the first batch of fuel from our facility on SITA UK’s Albury landfill site,” said Richard Lilleystone, Gasrec’s CEO.