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Issue 3 and Volume 27.

Ludeca brochure looks at machine alignment

A brochure available from Ludeca Inc. discusses the importance of precision alignment of machinery.

The brochure, “Why pump money down the drain?,” states correcting alignment problems is the biggest step a machine owner can make to lower operating costs of rotating systems. Misalignment, it says, can lead to: premature failure of bearings, seals, shafts, and couplings; high bearing and coupling temperatures; excessive vibration; breaking or cracking of shafts; and high power consumption.

Topics addressed in the six-page document include: alignment to specified tolerances; benefits of precision alignment; accuracy of dial indicator readings; advantages of laser alignment; and Pruftechnik laser systems.

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Envirosight offers new laser, sonar tools

New laser and sonar measurement tools can be attached to Envirosight’s remotely operated vehicles, ROVVER® and SuperVision®, for analyzing pipe at hydro projects. Using the data from the measurements, project owners can get indications of deformation, corrosion, debris accumulation, and improper liner installation.

Laser measurement, also known as profiling, involves projection of a laser line onto a wall of pipe, providing hard geometric data. Sonar profiling relies upon the transit time of a sound pulse through water. Both technologies gather dimensionally accurate profiles of pipe cross sections which, when trended over time, produce a three-dimensional model.

Pipeline inspection crawler
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The laser profiler works above flow lines, and the sonar profiler works below. Each can be used individually, or both simultaneously. The profilers come with software capable of generating multiple reports.

Profiling hardware consists of a probe that attaches to the head of a ROVVER or SuperVision camera. No modification of the inspection crawler is required. The probe is fitted with a laser or sonar profiler, or both. It measures the diameter and concentricity of pipe up to 160 inches in diameter.

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