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Sungevity Launches Sunshine Online

Sungevity Inc. has launched its new “Sunshine Online” program. With the program, rather than starting with a manual process of measuring and calculating a solar system for a home, Sungevity will use satellite images and proprietary software to remotely engineer solar electric systems for customers and send quotes online.

A homeowner can go to enter their address and their utility usage. Sungevity will reply with a quote that provides information about a customer’s potential return on investment in a solar system. This process usually results in multiple solar system design options for a roof, and allows customers to choose a solar system based not only on cost, but also on financial returns and environmental offsets.

“We believe solar power should be affordable and easy to access for all homeowners,” said Danny Kennedy, Sungevity President and CXO. “Much like Dell Computer revolutionized the PC industry and Netflix, movie rentals, our goal is to jump start the residential solar industry by making it simple and efficient for everyone with a view of the sun to go solar.”