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Wind Can Become Farmers’ Cash Crop

NativeEnergy, an international marketer of carbon offsets and renewable energy credits (RECs), is partnering with VINCO Inc., a multi-service company that constructs and maintains renewable energy projects. The new collaboration will increase opportunities for small-scale renewable energy projects to receive REC funding.

VINCO will identify and connect with NativeEnergy farms that need additional up-front financing from REC sales in order to get new wind turbines built. NativeEnergy will assess each project’s need for funds. If REC funds are needed, the company will then purchase the projects’ total expected lifetime RECs output enabling farms to harness wind energy in a more independent way.

“Farmers understand they need to invest something in order to harvest something,” said Jim Pederson, business development manager of VINCO. “They need equipment to harvest a crop, and in this case — with climate change and the rising cost of electricity — the crop is the wind.”