Five CALSTART Fuel Cell Bus Projects Underway

Fuel cell developer CALSTART has signed and launched contracts for five major fuel cell bus technology development projects with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

CALSTART’s strategy to advance fuel cell technology involves three development paths: a direct route that develops and accelerates testing on the best existing fuel cells; an evolutionary route that combines smaller fuel cells with other supporting technologies; and a component route that develops the core enabling sub-systems fuel cells will need to succeed.  The five projects include SunLine Transit Agency’s American Fuel Cell Bus, AC Transit “HyRoad,” BAE System’s Compound Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus and US Hybrid Integrated Auxiliary Module (IAM) and Fuel Cell Bi-Directional Converter (BDC).

“These projects are integral parts of our multi-path roadmap to more quickly improve hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and move them to the market,” said John Boesel, president and CEO of WestStart-CALSTART. “They support our overall suite of fuel cell and hydrogen efforts, including separate projects with a high-lifetime fuel cell system.  Given California’s first-mover need for cleaner, lower carbon transportation, the state is the ideal epicenter for these efforts.”