Millennium and Horizon to Exhibit HydroPak

Millennium Cell Inc. and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies have announced the completion of a pre-production version of the HydroPak portable power generator that uses a unique water-activated cartridge system and combines Horizon’s fuel cells with Millennium Cell’s Hydrogen on Demand storage technology.

This power source has enough energy to recharge an average notebook computer 8 to 10 times and produces zero harmful emissions. The HydroPak will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the Las Vegas Convention Center and is designed with a common AC outlet and two USB connectors to charge or operate low power devices such as portable lights. The planned retail pricing of $400 for the system and $20 for the disposable cartridges.

“We are excited about the prospects for the HydroPak line of products, beginning with the commercialization of the first water-activated portable power system in 2008 and followed shortly by others in 2009. We believe that these fuel cell power products possess a potent combination of convenience, performance and economics that are unique in the marketplace and will fill a void that exists today,” said George Gu, CEO of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies.