Gulf Ethanol to License Cellulose Processing Technology

Gulf Ethanol Corporation announced an agreement to acquire the exclusive rights to a new cellulose feed-stock processing technology and the company will have the exclusive right to deliver this exciting new technology solution to the ethanol industry.

The technology developed by Meridian BioRefining, Inc., processes cellulose feedstocks so that they can be more efficiently converted into ethanol. The process improves portability while improving process times and ethanol recovery from cellulose. The first commercial scale processing unit has been completed by Meridian and is expected to undergo commercial testing prior to Gulf’s deployment in January 2008.

“This process will provide ethanol producers with the first cellulosic feed-stock that can be processed quickly and economically,” JT Cloud, Gulf Ethanol President said. “We believe this will revolutionize the ethanol industry by accelerating the conversion of ethanol production in the U.S. from corn to cellulose in just a few years time.”