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Issue 7 and Volume 26.

Hydra-Stop products available from ADS LLC

ADS LLC offers Hydra-Stop products and contract services. The company’s Hydra-Stop business division produces modular pipe mainte- nance equipment designed to stop system shutdowns.

Hydra-Stop’s line of pipe equipment includes Hydra-Stopping System Jr., Hydra-Stopper, and Insta-Dam. The products eliminate system shutdown when isolating water lines for repair or replacement of valves.

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PureTech releases PureActiv 8.0 software

PureTech System Inc., a manufacturer of video surveillance systems for security, announces a new version of its PureActiv Wide Area Surveillance software.

PureActiv 8.0 features improved geographic information system map-based tracking for land- and water-based intrusions.

The new version also can classify objects within a video scene and assign them to an appropriate object group, such as automobile, truck, human, small craft, or large craft. The objects then are displayed as an icon on a geo-spatial map at the correct geographic location.

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Spectronics offers new diagnostic tool

The Spectroline® Marksman ultrasonic diagnostic tool from Spectronics Corp. converts and amplifies inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible sound. Service technicians using the instrument are able to hear sounds that signify problems such as electrical discharge, and seal and gasket leaks.

The Marksman MDE-1000 features a receiver, probes, and an ultrasonic emitter. A 12-inch hollow probe, when attached to the receiver, accentuates air sounds. A solid contract probe accentuates sound of wear or grinding inside gears. Standard 9-volt batteries are included for both the receiver and emitter.

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Sound Metrics sonar helps manage fisheries

Sound Metrics Corp. offers DIDSON, a high-definition sonar that uses acoustic “lenses” to produce nearly video-quality images in dark, turbid waters where optical systems are ineffective.

DIDSON (dual-frequency identification sonar) can be used to estimate fish abundance, help operators understand fish behavior, differentiate between upstream and downstream movement, and assess fish habitat. It can perform activities in rivers with high turbidity and debris loads, the company said.

DIDSON can be mounted off the sides of boats, along riverbanks, and at dams. It works in shallow, rock-bottomed rivers and around structures such as dams, screens, and intakes.

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