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Renewable Energy To Power Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan is investing more than CAD$500 million in a suite of sustainable and renewable energy programs that will significantly advance the province’s Green Strategy and Energy and Climate Change Plan.

The province will expand its Green Power Portfolio — currently the 150-megawatt (MW) Centennial Wind Power Facility and customer energy efficiency and conservation initiatives — to include:

• The expansion of wind generation in Saskatchewan, with a goal of an additional 100 MW by 2012.

• Delivery of waste heat recovery projects, with a goal of 50 MW by 2010.

• Delivery of biomass forestry projects, with a goal of 20 MW by 2010.

• A net metering program, which will allow customers to generate their own electricity and send excess electricity to the electrical grid for a credit toward their energy costs.

• Phase Three of the Environmentally Preferred Power Program, to solicit additional renewable power projects from the private sector.

• More energy efficiency and conservation programs, with a target of reducing electricity demand by 300 MW by 2017.

“Our green and prosperous economy is growing, and these investments — which balance fiscal and environmental responsibility — will meet the province’s growing electricity needs from 2010 to 2014,” said Premier Lorne Calvert. “But even more importantly, they will help the province achieve our goal of having 30 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2020.”

To position the electrical grid for additional wind, biomass and other renewable generation projects, SaskPower will install up to 400 MW of simple cycle natural gas turbines, at a capital cost of approximately $525 million. The turbines will be installed over the next five years, in areas where electricity supply is most needed. This will reinforce the existing electrical system and minimize transmission costs.