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Issue 5 and Volume 26.

OneRain releases new rainfall data software

OneRain offers a new rainfall data visualization and decision support software called Contrail® Web 2.2.

The product enables users to see their rainfall data any time and from anywhere with an Internet connection. It provides real-time gage-adjusted radar rainfall overlays, allowing users to visualize rainfall accumulations, and view predicted rainfall totals. Other features include a summary view of 24-hour precipitation totals and color-coded summaries of stream levels.

The ability to easily visualize information has been improved. For example, when an alarm is triggered, responders can understand the situation quickly by using a visual summary display.

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Flow Science updates Flow-3D software

Flow Science Inc. offers a new version of its Flow-3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. Flow-3D Version 9.2 provides new modeling possibilities, including modeling of debris flows and the opening and closing of valves.

Flow-3D software can be used to simulate water flow, including trajectory of the flow, based on data entered by the user. This simulation can serve as an alternative to building and testing a physical model, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

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Ludeca offers video on alignment system

Ludeca Inc. offers a video on CD that demonstrates the features and benefits of its Rotalign® Ultra laser shaft alignment system.

This laser-based system is an alternative to the use of a conventional method (i.e., a straight edge or a dial indicator) to align shafts. Ludeca says the Rotalign system is ten to 100 times more accurate than conventional alignment methods, and can save time and effort.

The video demonstrates how the system it can be used to reduce shaft misalignment, which, in turn, reduces vibration as well as wear and tear on generating units.

To order the video, visit the Internet: www.ludeca. com/forms/ultracdform.htm.

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