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WorldWater Sends Solar-Powered Water Purification Units to Sudan

WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp., announced that the company has received an order to produce 10 Mobile MaxPure™ units for use in Darfur, Sudan. The proprietary portable solar driven water pumping and purifying units, purchased for an aggregate of $775,000, will provide approximately 30,000 gallons of safe drinking water daily at each of 10 sites across the ravaged desert region. The Mobile MaxPure™ is a portable, solar-powered pumping and water purification system. A self-contained, stand-alone unit, the Mobile MaxPure™ is also equipped with a satellite based communications system and a 3 kW inverter with battery bank for emergency power needs. The Mobile MaxPure™ water purification system incorporates a multi-stage micro filtration process and ultraviolet light treatment to sanitize water contaminated by dirt, silt, bacteria, cysts, worms, parasites, viruses and other pathogens.